25 Things I've Learned in 25 Years

June 20, 2017



 Turning 25 was a big freaking deal to me and I had a wonderful time getting to travel back home for the weekend.  It made me reflect on all that I've learned in my 25 years of being me.  Now that I've been 25 for 25 days, I wanted to share 25 things I've learned in my 25 years of life. 




1.  Follow your heart. Trust it and let it lead your actions. 


2. Always have an animal around.  Pets make everything better.  If you don't have enough money to have one, save so you can. 


3. Limit your "what-ifs". Don't wonder "what if I had moved? What if I had gone for my dreams?" Start living and DO those things!


4. Don't be scared to change your hair.  Try the bangs! Try the red! Have fun, it's hair. 


5. Stand up for yourself and don't be pushed around.  You may not always have someone to stand up for you, it's important to do so for yourself. 



6. Vegetables are amazeballs. Eat more veggies than anything, your body will thank you.


7. Don't waste your time with toxic relationships.  If you don't feel good when you're with them, don't be.  


8. Dry shampoo is one of the best things in the world. Especially those that smell like warm sugar or coconut. 


9. Health first.  Put your health above everyone and everything. Think about this: you can't help other people or be there for them if you're not here and healthy.


10. Stop caring so much about what people think. YOU DO YOU BOO.




11. You will get through it.  You will absolutely soul-crushing days where you wonder if you'll make it to the next day.  You will get through it, the sun will rise and you'll be okay. 


12. It's okay to have unpopular opinions. "Napoleon Dynamite" and "Madagascar" aren't good movies and that's okay.  Also, most people love chocolate, it's okay if you aren't one of them. 


13. A good cry is good to have every now and then. It can be good to just get a cry that releases all pent up negativity. Pop in "Titanic", "Steel Magnolias" or "Beaches" and get some Kleenex. 


14. Numbers aren't everything. SAT scores, ACTs, the scale -- you're more than a number. 


15. Spend your money on experiences and less material things. Like going to Comic Con with your boyfriend and geeking out over James Marsters or Stan Lee. Or going to Paley Fest and seeing the This Is Us panel in person and crying your eyes out.  



16. Take videos and pictures but still be in the moment. Know the balance between documenting and being present.  


17. Planning is important but not everything. Be open to spontaneity and letting things happen when they're supposed to happen. 


18. Family is more about a feeling and less about science. Your friends can be more like family than your blood relatives.  It's about being there for you through thick and thin. 


19. Be goofy because why not? Let your freak flag fly! 

20. Never settle. Acknowledge how far you've come but always strive for more. Set new goals and keep growing. 




21. Dance parties are always a good idea. When in doubt, dance it out. 


22. Don't try to please everyone. Rihanna said it best: live YOUR life. 


23. Money doesn't buy happiness but it does by food. Let's be real, you need money to buy food (to survive) but if you're struggling really hard, go to Olive Garden at 3pm, drink lots of water, eat lots of breadsticks (take some home too) and have a large enough meal to last you until the next day. If you don't have a gift card to OG or can't afford that, cheap .99 pasta and tons of water should do the trick too.


24. Be open to love. You might find the love of your life 19 or at 29, don't try to control everything and just be open to it.  Let yourself be loved and feel love. 


25.  HUSTLE GIRL. There are going to be times when you have 14 hour days to make your dreams come true, this is when the hustling happens.  Be happy through the hustling honey, this is the journey. 




I hope you guys enjoyed this list! Next post, I'll be sharing some of favorite playlists on Spotify! 



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