What's All the BUZZ About?

May 5, 2017

Hi you! Yeah, you.  You reading this. Yes, I'm going to tell you what I've been waiting to share for what feels like ten years. Alright, so it's been 16 days.  It's been hard to keep it a secret but I wanted to wait until it got a little more real AND IT HAS. Bear with me, because I just MUST tell you how I got here.


A few months ago, I was on YouTube casually stalking TV hosts and their reels.  I wanted to see where everyone was getting their experience in LA from.  I looked at mic flags, intros and outros and then I found it.  


I found the opportunity I had been looking for and I filled out a form online and thought good thoughts.  A week later (EEEK!), I got an email saying that based on my experience, I was invited to a "potential host meeting". 


I had to wait almost a month for the meeting and I was so freaking giddy! I went to the meeting, met amazing people and listened to EVERY.SINGLE.SYLLABLE. that was uttered to all of us.  I took notes, sat outside in the sun and glistened a lot.  TMI? I went home and shot my audition that night, filled out the quiz, uploaded my audition and at 1:12AM of that "night", sent what I hope would get me this amazing opportunity. 


We were told that it could take as long as two weeks to find out if we were going to be selected. Naturally, I checked my phone every two seconds.  I never knew how many emails I got in a day until I was only waiting for one to say "YES!".  


My phone would buzz..."Your 20% offer is waiting".  I've never not liked getting an email from Forever21 or Target. NEVER. But this was different.


On April 19 at 2:44pm I got the email I had been waiting for! "Congratulations Amy!" After 9 days of obsessively checking my phone, I could breathe and do a little happy dance (as I walked out of the house where I had just babysat).  The funny part was that I saw the notification of the email with those beautiful words but my internet wasn't that great so I couldn't open the whole email.  I sprinted up closer to where there was better service and read every single beautiful word of that email over and over again.  


I texted my husband and then he called me.  I will always remember that excitement in our voices as we realized that my dreams were closer to becoming a reality. 


And now, here we are! Ready for the news?


I'm going to be a host for Maria Menounos' and Keven Undergaro's AfterBuzzTV Networks!


It's an absolutely freaking fantastic amazing opportunity where I'll be part of a panel of hosts for aftershows.  I'll be able to conduct interviews on the red carpet and in studio.  I'll be able to be on-camera talking about entertainment and meeting so many freakishly cool people.  I still can't believe this is happening and it's still all a little surreal.  


I have to take two classes to get the chance to pick shows out of a grid and that's it! I've taken one class and will take the other one on Sunday! As soon as I know when I'll be on, you will know!


I wanted to say thank you all for your support.  Some of you have been by my side since the beginning and it means so much to have you guys here along for the ride! This is just the beginning and I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT. 


Make sure to follow me on my other socials (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube) as more content is constantly being posted!


 AfterBuzzTV, I feel like this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 






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